Why I want to represent Stanwood Citizens.

Stanwood is about to enter another dynamic period of growth.  It is crucial to our quality of life that this growth be managed in a way that insures saving the best features of our City.

Why do I say dynamic growth?  Stanwood has been attracting the attention of a number of residential developers.  Several hundred new homes are being considered for construction in the next five years.  They are being attracted here by our high quality of life, proximity to strong employment centers and recent new developments.  In addition to the new YMCA, our new High School begins construction next year.  A new City Hall, Police Station, Town Center and hotel.  New retail is coming, as we begin to attract more regional and national chains.  Plans are being made to completely revamp Heritage and Church Creek Parks.  Two new waterfront parks are also being planned.  All of these things are going to bring people, traffic and more growth to our City.  My desire, for Stanwood, is that this growth enhances our lives.  It takes a vigilant citizenry to protect what we hold dear.

In 2016, developers proposed building a septage treatment facility in our Downtown.  A small number of people, including myself, formed a group called the Stanwood Stewards. We were instrumental in focusing the public’s wrath on this poorly conceived project. While this development is, technically, still on the books, great progress has been made toward stopping it.  I promise to stay focused on bringing good development, not bad or undesirable development, to Stanwood.  I will need your help in achieving this goal.  I am asking for your vote in November.

Please revisit my blog to stay informed about new developments happening in your community. Thank you.