Stanwood has been my home since 2009.  I am a founding member of the Stanwood Stewards, a group dedicated to addressing issues that are relevant to our community.  Volunteered with Providence Hospice & Homecare and helped lead a fundraising team for the Stanwood/Camano YMCA.  I will bring new energy and a fresh perspective to the demanding position of City Councilmember.


What I Promise to Do

I promise to keep a close eye on development, including changes to Stanwood’s zoning codes.  As a founding member of the Stanwood Stewards, I devoted hundreds of hours to researching how McDay, LLC could be persuaded to not build a raw human waste receiving and treatment facility in our historic Downtown.  This effort has lead to a ban on all future septage developments.  Other new commercial and industrial developments are in the planning stages.  We must make sure they are done right and that they compliment the character of our town.


I promise to work toward bringing a first-class park to Northeast Stanwood and Cedarhome.  The current Parks & Trails Six Year Plan does not include a park that would serve our fastest growing neighborhoods in Cedarhome.   The current plan would fund multi-million dollar improvements to Heritage and Church Creek parks and fund two new waterfront parks at Hamilton Landing and Ovenell Farm.  A Northeast Stanwood park is not part of this plan.  Stanwood’s Planning Department is projecting hundreds of new homes to be built in the Cedarhome area.  We must work to identify and protect the needs of citizens in this neighborhood before the area is completely developed with homes.  I would encourage a neighborhood coalition to bring such a plan to the City.


I promise to work toward vastly improving communication between City government and you.  This will be done with the use of Social Media.  Facebook proved to be an invaluable  communications tool in the fight against septage. I would also encourage the City to provide each Councilmember with a web page to directly reach Stanwood citizens. Other cities in our region have successfully adopted this method of communication.

I would ask that the Council provide reactions and guidance at sessions open to the public. This would enable the Council to discuss community benefits and concerns before the Council makes any final decisions.



I promise to bring energy to the City Council and to thoroughly study the issues that come before the Council.  Our quality of life is affected by the decisions our Council makes.  Traffic, crime, homelessness and the drug epidemic will continue to challenge our community.  Finding the funding for quality police and fire will continue to be an issue.  We need to be diligent and focused on the values that make us one of the best communities in Washington.